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What is a care haircut

The care haircut is one of the most popular and versatile haircuts for women. We tell you where the hairstyle came from, what types there are and how to select a style by face type, hair and other features of the appearance.

What is a haircut care

Care is a female haircut of medium length with a straight cut line just below the earlobe. It is often supplemented with bangs – straight to the eyebrows or elongated.

It is difficult to trace when exactly the haircut appeared, but according to the widespread version, it was Cleopatra – an Egyptian queen – who first started wearing a square haircut. She cut her hair in a straight line and decorated the strands with beads, tassels and other accessories.

Since the times of Cleopatra, the fashion changed a lot and the popularity of square-cut hair peaked in the beginning of the 20-th century. Women then began to realize that short haircuts – it is convenient, so gladly made a square haircut, and in its different variations.

They wore it as a straight cut, or styled it as a Hollywood wave, and also – played with styles. Someone chose a bob-cut with its rounded lines, someone bet on the classic with a straight cut.

The classic carriage is:

  • A flat cut just below the earlobe;
  • A bang to the eyebrows with a straight cut;
  • No filleting – the hair lies flat.

With the development of fashion the classic square-cut has undergone a lot of changes. The bangs are no longer a must, and the length began to vary.

Advantages of the haircut:

  • Emphasizes the beauty of the neck and collarbones, making the image attractive;
  • Easy to dry and style;
  • Suitable for different types of faces; the main thing is to choose the right cut.

The minuses of the braes:

  • You will have to wash your hair more often – it is necessary to dirty the hair, as it loses its volume and the curls look untidy;
  • It is easy to style a bob, but you will have to do it all the time, especially on problematic hair;
  • Frequent visits to the hairdresser are inevitable – when the hairdo grows back, it loses all the charm of the hair.
care haircut

Types of carriage and current styles

The haircut has not always been a trend – in the middle of the last century, for example, few people cut their hair to the shoulders, betting on bold styles like a mullet. Now we can safely say that the haircut became a classic, so the theme of trends and relevance to it does not apply.

There are probably a few dozen types of square cuts – stylists and hairdressers often experiment, showing the world new options and unexpected solutions.

The most common types of the square-cut:

  • The classic braes. This is the same brace, which was discussed above – a flat cut below the earlobe without filleting;
  • Lengthened braes. In this case, the length reaches the shoulders, and the neckline still remains flat around the circumference of the haircut;
  • The extended braid. A surprising play on words – lengthened braes and styles on lengthening are different haircuts. The care on lengthening involves the transition of the lengths from the nape of the neck to the chin. As a result, the hair at the back of the head is short, but becomes longer as it approaches the side strands;
  • Bob-care. This is a combination of the classic bob with the traditional braid. The hair is cut shorter at the back than at the front, but the overall length of the haircut continues to be around the earlobe;
  • Asymmetrical bob. One side is cut longer than the other;
  • Cascade – care. This is a classic or lengthened square-cut, complemented by layering. Such a hairstyle turns out voluminous, so it is suitable for girls with sparse and thin hair;
  • The brace on the leg. Characterized by a shortcut under one length of hair at the nape of the neck, which passes into long, evenly trimmed strands;
  • Double-cut. The hair is cut in two layers-the bottom layer is longer, the top layer is shorter;
  • Ragged braids. The hair strands are filleted, as in a cascade haircut, but the ends are trimmed “clumsily”, creating a slight carelessness;
  • The carriage with a shaved temple. A bold option for young girls – on one side of the cut is a classic square-cut, and on the other side the temporal zone is shaved. Usually only the bottom layer of hair is shaved – with loose hair the shaved temple is not visible, but if you throw a strand behind the ear or gather the curls in a ponytail, from a classic hairstyle turns into a rebellious one.

In addition to the fact that the braid has different variants of design, it is also combined with different types of bangs. The haircut can be:

  • A bangs-less Care;
  • Care with even thick bangs to the eyebrows;
  • A bang cut with bangs that are torn up to the eyebrows or lower;
  • Care with bangs;
  • Care with side-slanted bangs;
  • Care with micro-bangs.

To choose a specific style of haircut and bangs should be based on the type of face and the peculiarities of the hair shaft. In terms of trends are relevant all options – from the restrained classics, to the bold asymmetry.

To understand how trendy the haircut is, it is enough to look at the celebrities – Irina Shayk, Lucy Hale, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence and other stars have already appreciated the attractiveness of Cleopatra’s hairstyle.

Haircut: to whom it suits

To make the image attractive and stylish a square cut can be with any facial features – the main thing is to select the right style to correct the peculiarities of the appearance.

  • Oval. The oval face – the form is ideal, so you can use different options here;
  • Circle. For the girls with round face it is better to use the classic style without bangs. It is not necessary to cut or coliform the straight locks, as they will emphasize the cheeks, but a straight cut will perfectly extend the face. A square bangs will also be appropriate;
  • Triangle. The task – not to accentuate the width of the forehead and to balance it with a narrow chin. Select a classic option or with graduation. Refuse asymmetrical styles and the legged cut – it will raise the back of the head and make the top of the face heavier;
  • Rectangle and square. To make the image softer and add to it roundness in the case of a rectangular or square face will help, a graduated bob-care or cascade haircut. An asymmetrical bob haircut is acceptable.