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How to style a wolf haircut

The phrase “history repeats itself” has never been truer when it comes to fashion and beauty. Take the “shaggy” haircut, for example. This iconic haircut is back from the ’70s, when the most popular divas favored it over other hairstyles. And so in 2023, the shaggy is back, but in a modern interpretation – the Wolf cut. The trendiest haircut of the summer, chosen by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Billy Eilish.

Although the shaggy haircut has been popular since last year, celebrity stylists say that the wolf cut is the latest interpretation of this style, which will be at the peak of popularity for a long time to come.

So, what makes the haircut so special? Firstly, the nostalgia for a bygone era. Secondly, following the trends in clothing, trends in hairstyles and hairstyles are always back.

What is a “Wolf cut”?

And it’s not just another attention-grabbing maneuver – the Wolf Cut’s popularity is unmistakable in numbers: the corresponding hashtag now has 620 million views on Tiktok and more than 25,000 tags on Instagram.

The Wolf cut is something between a vintage shaggy and a mullet. Basically, it’s like taking two different periods (70’s shaggy and 80’s mallet) and combining them into a modern look.

One of the hallmarks of this haircut is volume and layers – lots of layers. The large number of layers and the lack of a smooth transition between them is the key to the “Wolf cut” haircut. Usually the haircut involves shorter layers at the top of the head for volume and texture and longer layers at the back. The result can be a rocker style haircut that is almost unstyled, sloppy.

The haircut is also gender-neutral and can be altered in different ways depending on your preferences.

wolf haircut

Is the Wolf cut suitable for all hair types?

“The Wolf cut looks better on those who need more volume, which is why most people with thin hair love this haircut. But really, it will work for any hair type. This haircut is also suitable for any hair length.

Only those who do not like a mess on the head will not be suitable for such a variant. Also, without a minimum of styling look will not be very neat. Such a haircut is not combined with the office dress code, so take into account your lifestyle when choosing a haircut.


How to style haircuts

There are many ways to style a haircut depending on your hair structure. For those with naturally curly or wavy hair, this haircut is perfect for accentuating the texture of your hair. All you need is a styling conditioner and a blow dryer to create a playful look.

Those with straight and fine hair may need additional products and tools to create the style. If you have straight hair, use curling tongs and a fixing spray to give your hair extra texture. After creating waves, you can add dry shampoo for volume and sea salt or a texturizing spray to make your hair look more like beach waves.

With this hairstyle you can experiment and do any style you want. The main thing is to have fun and experiment with new ideas.

To cut the hair, giving them a certain shape, and not to cut the curls, as if on the ruler, on a given length, became fashionable not so long ago. A couple of years ago, the ideal haircut was considered a square or long hair, neatly trimmed in one line.